Who are Utility Warehouse?

Utility Warehouse are about a lot more than just a Utility supplier they are a Discount Club, which can offer its members discounts on a range a products and yes although it does include gas and electric supply, and yes it does cover telephone and broadband service but it also covers mobile phones, cashback card, online shopping discounts and more.

The rates are always competitive and switching is really easy. It is a British company with a British support line with British staff. And if you get bothered by energy companies offering you better deals, if you tell them you are with Utility Warehouse they normally leave you alone because they know you are getting the best deal.

Personally we have been Utility Warehouse customers for more than 10 years. We are classed as ‘Gold Members’ because we have Gas, Electric, Phone, Broadband and use the Cashback Card. Every month we receive ONE bill for everything (and saved a few trees) We also have our Feed In Tariff from our Solar Panels included and just take this off our bill (our choice).

We do our shopping and buy fuel from Sainsburys and get 3% cashback on all our purchases. Using the cashback card in many High Street shops can give up to 7% cashback and if we use the Online Offers this can stack up even more savings.

Putting all these together we generally have 2 or 3 months a year where we have a credit on our monthly bill. Can you imagine having months where you can get all those utility services paid just from Feed In Tariff payments and using the cashback card. Sun keep shining!

But don’t think that you have to take out a full package to get the benefits. We are always happy to give you a comparison price on just phone & broadband or even just a mobile contract – our rates are very competitive and we can offer a full range of popular handsets.

If you would like to know more about the services or would like to arrange for us to work out what potential savings are there for you then please call without obligation or take a look at our Utility Warehouse landing page at:


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