Green Deal Returns and better than before

The Green Deal is returning and this time it is going to work, lessons have been learnt and the process has been improved.

“Remind me what Green Deal is?” you ask. It originally was a Government funded scheme which allowed you to make energy saving improvements to your home at no up-front costs, the ‘loan’ was repaid through the electricity meter from the savings you made by making your home more energy efficient.

When it was originally launched there were a few technical hitches, there weren’t enough approved installers, finance packages were limited to only certain improvements but not others and it just didn’t quite get it right. Eventually the scheme was shelved by the Government.

Now the finance company is in the hands of more savvy companies who better appreciate what the scheme was all about and could see what potential it has, and they have the ability and foresight to make the scheme work properly.

So nuts and bolts of what the scheme is about. You have the opportunity to make improvements to your property which will improve its energy efficiency. We are not talking its desirability like a new kitchen, we are talking about upgrading glazing, insulation, renewable energy, the things that will make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy costs.

These improvements could mean you are digging into your savings or taking out loans but what if there was a loan mechanism out there where you really wouldn’t notice the repayments – they were just repaid each month to your energy supplier – that has to be an option worth considering.

And this what Green Deal can do for you.

It maybe an advantage if you are doing renovations, dealing with your rental property portfolio or just wanting to keep your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

Want to know more about the improvements covered by the scheme and what is involved then call us to discuss further without obligation, we act independently to produce the Green Deal Advice Reports required to apply and are happy to provide impartial information.

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