Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) for Rental Properties

Domestic MEES checklist

The following checklist are the key points from the Guidance documents issued, this is a general guide and should cover most properties.

• Is the EPC E or above – only EPC ratings F & G are affected

• Is the EPC up-to-date and includes any improvements made since the current report completed – if not have a new EPC completed

• Take a look at recommendations on EPC and seek advice from a DEA

• Improvements to the property should be made at little or no cost to the landlord although they prefer to make simple low cost improvements themselves – again take advice from DEA as to what can give the best EPC improvement for lowest cost.

• Is the property Listed or in a Conservation Area – If it is and the only improvements that can be made will effect the appearance of the building then exemption can be registered on this basis – it will be best to contact local authority to discuss.

• If all relevant improvements have been made and the property is still below an E then this qualifies for an exemption

• If there is a recommendation for wall insulation but this would have a negative impact on the building then a report from a qualified surveyor would be required for exemption

• If a report from A RICS surveyor provides evidence that the installation of relevant measures would de-value the property by more than 5% then his report will provide exemption.

• Do you have the consent for improvements from the Tenant, Superior Landlord or Local Authority – If no consent given then this will allow an exemption.

• For recommendations such as boilers, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation – try the Energy Companies to see if they have funding available. Make sure you have an updated EPC carried out on completion of work

• Contact local authority to see if they have any funding for improvements. Make sure you have an updated EPC carried out on completion of work

• Have a Green Deal Advice Report completed and submit to a Green Deal Provider

• If there is no cost effective package of improvements then you can use the report for exemption.

• If there is a cost effective package available under Green Deal you can arrange finance through the provider – loan will be repaid through energy meter.

• If you are a new landlord you will be given a 6 months grace period

For all properties, evidence and proof for exemption purposes will be required and exemptions last for a 5 year period, after which you will be required to re-submit for exemption and demonstrate that it has still not been possible to improve property.

Failure to register exemption, or providing false information will result in fines of up to £5000 per property and being ‘named and shamed’ on the exemption register.

MEES come into effect 1st April 2018

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