The Waiting Game

My blog has been a little quiet lately... I have been waiting... patiently...

and I am still waiting...

What am I waiting for? (i hear you ask)

Important news on the new phase of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (whoop whoop)……..but I am still waiting

The next phase was meant to start in November but whereas we were hoping it meant the Ist of November there is still no news to report.

Why is this new phase of GDHIF important ?

Because it could present homeowners who are looking to improve their homes energy efficiency and get some cashback too – warm energy efficient homes mean lower bills but a bit extra back in the pocket is also good.

The last wave of the home improvement fund allowed many to replace their old boiler with a new efficient one and they got £1000 cashback (T&Cs applied) so perhaps you can understand why the next phase is worth waiting for.

So I will keep waiting and watching the Government and Ofgem websites for news of whats to come and will share it as soon as I know but if you want to be top of that list to find out please contact me directly – I already have a list of homeowners who are also waiting patiently...

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