New Year – New Challenge

Happy New Year to all

It feels like the Christmas and New Year break lasted a longer than ever this year. I know I was glad to get back and catch up with some work between the two – hitting the deadlines for the change in Feed In Tariff for Solar PV.

Anyway what does the New Year have in store………

For me it will be focusing on two things – Renewable Heat Incentive and Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.

For this post I am going to concentrate on the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which needs covering in a little more detail.

The principle in straight forward –

If you want to install Solid Wall insulation you can get up to £4000 cashback (up to 67% cost of installation) – only a valid (post 2012) EPC is required as long it as shows a recommendation for EWI

If you want to apply you need to time it right – the funds are only released on a quarterly basis – next quarter starts in February – and the vouchers disappear very quickly. The funds released in December were snapped up within 48 hours. Just make sure you are set and ready when the release time comes!

The rest of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund involves installing 2 improvement measures from the approved list and then you can qualify for £1000 cashback PLUS an additional £500 if you have owned the property for less than 12 months PLUS £100 for cost of the Green Deal Report. As always there are some Ts &Cs which I have tried to include in the list below

Cavity Wall Insulation – you must have at least 50% of external walls filled

Condensing mains Gas Boiler – straight forward

Secondary Glazing – must be applied to at lease 50% of the windows in the property

Double/Triple Glazing(replacing single glazing) – must be applied to at least 50% of windows in property

Flat Roof Insulation – insulation the total flat roof area of a property

Warm Air Unit – replacement of one unit

Fan-assisted Storage Heaters – at least 3 heaters

Energy Efficient Replacement Doors – at least 2 external doors need to be improved

Floor Insulation – at least 50% of ground floor

Room-In-Roof Insulation – must insulate all of the roof

Waste Water Heat Recovery – installation of one unit

If, when you have read through this list, you think that this may apply to you then give me a call or email me and I can talk you through the next steps to making your home more energy efficient

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