Landlord be aware or beware!

If you are a landlord you will only be too aware of all the updates on legistlation that have been hitting you in waves over the last few months but another one hit on 1st April.

Now if a tenant makes a request to have an energy efficiency improvement done to the property the landlord cannot reasonably refuse. 

That may seem like an ambiguous statement - what is classed as an 'energy efficiency measure' and what is 'reasonable'

the link below is to the relevant piece of legislation

If you can work your way through all this - and I have tried, it makes a lot of reference to 'Green Deal' improvements (bit of a challenge as Green Deal in its intended form doesnt really exist anymore) but these will in general refer to Insulation and heating. which are low/medium cost and have some possible funding available under ECO.

As a landlord should you take action or ignore this. Bearing in mind that in 2018 if you have a property that has an EPC rating of F or G you will not be allowed to let it, then it is better to take action sooner rather than later. There maybe funding towards insulation or replacing out there, we have a few contacts that we can look at for you. It may be better to act first rather than wait for your tenant to become disgruntled. Disgruntled tenants can make a lot of waves of what are generally good landlords, and the local council seem very proactive on acting on tenants complaints. 

Take a good look at the EPCs of your portfolio and take a proactive approach - as a landlord you can reasonably refuse a tenants request for solar panels or you may not be so lucky with a temperamental boiler

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